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Prior Art

One of the great things about the modern interconnected world is that it has become a lot easier to find who has already been banging their heads on similar problems, and what the possible solutions are.

Hardware Programming on the Oric

The reference documentation for all the Oric hardware hackers, on Fabrice Frances site.

- http://oric.free.fr/programming.html

The Oric Projects Page

A lot of interesting documentation, including the Oric Service Manuals, on Steve Marshall site.

- http://www.48katmos.freeuk.com/projects.htm

Oric Microdisc controller

The Original. Supports up to four drives, 3", 3.5" or 5.25".

- Schematics (left page)
- Schematics (right page)
- Build your own microdisc: The making of, complete with CEO magarticle, datasheets, photos, pcb, etc...

Jasmin floppy disk controller

The Jasmin was the low cost alternative to the Microdisc. Not compatible at all with the Microdisc.

- http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/jasmin/

Apple 2 disk controller interface

This interface was built in Bulgaria, and allows you to connect an Oric to an Apple 2 disk controller.

- http://oric.free.fr/HARDWARE/apple_interface.jpeg

Oricutron's source code

In particular one may be interested by the way the Microdisc and Jasmin are emulated

- disk.c

The Ampli-Bus

This device helped plugging more than one board on the expansion bus.

- http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/amplibus/

The Oric IDE Interface

One of the earlier attempts at adding some modern hardware to the Oric, by Alexios Chouchoulas.

- http://www.bedroomlan.org/~alexios/hardware_oric-ide.html

HcX Floppy Emulator

This device is an emulator of Floppy Disk Drive. It still requires a controller board, just imagine it as a virtual Drive you plug instead of your old rotative 3.5" drive.

There are two versions of this device, one uses an USB cable to connect to a PC, the other one uses a SD card to store image disks, with a small LCD screen and buttons to select the image.

- http://hxc2001.free.fr/floppy_drive_emulator/

SatanDisk and UltraSatan

This device is a complete SD-Card based SCSI harddrive emulation for the 16-32 bit Atari Machine.

The SatanDisk is the older model, supporting only one SD-Card, no hotplug, and quite unreliable. The UltraSatan is the successor, of the SatanDisk: Way faster, totally reliable, supports to SD-Card (the second one can be hot removed and plugged which is practical to exchange data with a pc without having to switch off the atari all the time).

- http://joo.kie.sk/ultrasatan/


SIO is the name of the expansion interface of the 8 bit Atari machines.

SIO2PC is an interface to connect an Atari to a PC and use it as a virtual disk drive. Exists in homebrew and commercial versions.

- http://pages.suddenlink.net/wa5bdu/sio2pc.htm
- http://www.atarimax.com/sio2pc/documentation/index.html

Jasmin disc unit
Microdisc schematics
Microdisc unit - front