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General information

OricSD does not exist yet1.

This page is an attempt at getting out of the current situation where nothing is done on the hardware side despite numerous attempts at starting projects. Lack of focus, lack of motivation, unplanned difficulties, cost issues, project scope, etc... are common issues on software projects, and they are magnified on the hardware projects due to the very concrete skills and equipments one need to have.

Finding persons to help on a software project is relatively easy, the less able of helpers can help testing the software, it's just a matter of copying few files and send them by mail. Doing the same thing with hardware is far to be as easy, and things that may work on one machine may miserably fail on some other.

OricSD mockup

System requirements

Reasonably, the projet's target is the 48k Oric 1 and Oric Atmos.

Having the device work on a Telestrat is most probably doable, but the hardware is different and the Telestrat already has a built-in disk controller, so it may be more interesting for this machine to use instead one of the few floppy disk emulators available around.

1) I hope you like my mockup !
Jasmin disc unit
Microdisc schematics
Microdisc unit - front